Rowlands delivery service – now limited to fully housebound patients

For many years Rowlands has maintained its free prescription delivery service. However, the financial pressures in the NHS have made this service challenging to deliver and many pharmacies have had to withdraw the service completely or charge for the service. Rowlands now too have to restrict the service to patients who are fully housebound. By … Continued

Do you have diabetes?

We would also like to tell you about a service for people with diabetes that is available across Somerset. My Diabetes My Way is a website for people with diabetes and their carers that contain information resources that can help you understand more about your diabetes and explains how you can more effectively manage the … Continued

Appointments for diabetes reviews are changing

Your diabetic check is in two parts and it is essential that you attend for both appointments. First you have an appointment with the Health Care Assistant to check your urine, weight and take some blood. From now on the HCA will also check your feet in this appointment. We call this your ‘Diabetic Appointment … Continued

Carrying medicines abroad – visit your pharmacy

The BBC reported that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is advising holidaymakers to see their GPs to check if any of their prescribed medication contained controlled drugs, to avoid falling foul of local laws when travelling abroad. The advice seems to have been made without any thought of the serious consequences it could have … Continued

Phone lines still down

We are working through all 541 messages left today on the divert phone.   Everyone who left a clear enough message will get a call back once the phones are back up. Hopefully tomorrow or Monday.   If you have a medical emergency before then, please call 111 or 999 accordingly.   we apologise for … Continued

Our phone lines are still down

Despite many calls explaining the safety issues for patients not being able to get through to us, BT have not yet allocated resource to fix the issue. We are in constant contact to try to influence this. We apologise for the problems and we have been promised it will be fixed tomorrow. We have diverted … Continued

New online prescription service not working?

This was upgraded last week and the upgrade didn’t go well.   It is a national system and has been fixed but we know a few patients are still having difficulties. The new website is: Please use that new link and ‘refresh’ your browser in case it has stored any of the old information. … Continued