East Quay Medical Centre is an innovative and forward thinking practice. We constantly strive to provide up-to-date appropriate services for our patients whilst ensuring that we provide a good quality and caring services within the resources available to us.

We value continuity of care the personal list system – meaning our patients have a registered GP who oversees their care and provides routine care. The relationship this builds, and the knowledge of the patients’ medical history is so helpful to ensure each get the best care, tailored to the individual and their life.

It is really important to us that we look after our colleagues across the whole team. From professional development through to care and support through working lives. A well-trained, supported and happy team provide the best care to patients.

We think it is important to train and support new GPs and other members of the team. We have been a GP training practice since 1979. We usually have up to six hospital doctors training to become GPs. They stay for up to 18 months to gain experience in primary care.

We have a long history of service development and new ideas. For example:

  • In 1992 we founded East Quay Health Limited, which was a non-profit-making organisation providing vasectomies and other minor operations for patients of East Quay and other GP practices. Whilst we closed in 2020 we continue to provide our vasectomy service under East Quay Medical Centre.
  • In 1995 we were the first GP partnership in England to purchase a pharmacy. The pharmacy is now owned by Rowlands who continue to provide chemist services to the local community. Rowlands Pharmacy and an NHS dentist have suites of rooms to base their services at the East Quay Medical Centre.
  • In 2009 we opened East Quay Vision, the new optometrists at East Quay Medical Centre. This offers NHS and private eye testing, fashionable and classic frames and contact lenses for all. We also see and treat patients with acute eye problems – as a NHS service (ACES) this is free to patients. We offer a private glaucoma monitoring service to save hospital appointments. We also screen patients for glaucoma and hope to develop more services in the future. www.eastquayvision.co.uk – 01278 440 440.

We are also active in development in the local and wider NHS, ensuring that services work well for local patients and health needs are prioritised. We ensure that Bridgwater benefits from investment in healthcare and that we work with our colleagues in other parts of the NHS as well as other sectors such as the Local Authority, SASP and the voluntary sector.

We have a very active Facebook page and encourage our patients to follow us – for information on our service, other services as well as health advice.