Ordering Repeat prescriptions:

There are a lot of online apps and services that provide this now – including the NHS app.

EMIS Patient access – which many patients use before the NHS app – can be found here: EMIS Patient Access – Sign in or register for the app to book GP appointments online, order repeat medication and more

To register you need your personal ID and PIN number. If you haven’t got this, please contact reception and they will issue yours.The same log-in can also enable you to see parts of your medical record (currently medications and allergies). Please ask at reception to have this set up for you.

All repeat items requested will be ready after 5-7 working days. If you order after 5.00pm, please count from the next day.

Note that you can’t order non-repeat items using this service. Instead call the prescription line on 01278 446 006 (Monday to Friday – 10.30am – 5.30pm)

Electronic Prescriptions are now available – nominate yours now for a quicker and more accurate service

If you have signed up, it means that for repeat medication you no longer have a green prescription. Instead it is sent electronically to your chosen pharmacy. Therefore it should be quicker.
To use the service you MUST nominate your chosen pharmacy. This means going to the pharmacy you want to use and asking for a nomination form.
So, if you are on repeat medication, please think about nominating your pharmacy now.