Private Meningitis B vaccine

East Quay Group have offered the men b vaccine privately to children who are not eligible in the NHS vaccination programme. However, at the moment there is a shortage of the vaccine. This means that no new private patients can be given the vaccine until the vaccine is available for us to purchase again. The … Continued

Picking up prescriptions

As the medical centre aren’t open on a Saturday, if you use Rowlands as your pharmacy, you may find it easier to collect routine repeat prescriptions on Saturday mornings. The car park is quieter and there are no patients coming from appointments to collect prescriptions.   Please note that any queries that we need to … Continued

Planning ahead

Many people find it comforting to know that their family know their wishes for the end of their life and that their loved ones can sort-out their affairs when the end comes. There is a document, called ‘Planning Ahead’ which many people have found useful as a simple, easy to understand way to consider and … Continued