Your medical record

In Somerset NHS providers, such as Musgrove Park Hospital and the Out of Hours Service will shortly have ‘view only’ access to GP surgery records. This is only used for direct patient care – either with the patients consent, or in their best interest if they are not able to give consent. This enables the … Continued

Electronic a Prescription Service – EPS

East Quay Medical Centre has the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) This means that for all repeat prescriptions you no longer have a green prescription, instead it is sent electronically to your chosen pharmacy. Therefore it should be quicker and will cut out the risks of your prescription going missing. To use the service you MUST … Continued

Prescription collection times – 3 or 4 days

Please allow at least 3 week days (some pharmacies, including Rowlands need four) between ordering your prescription and collecting it. Ideally, get into the habit of ordering a week before your medication runs out and then it should mean no delays when you come to collect your prescription.

Don’t believe everything you read in the paper

Instead, this is a good website that gives the truth behind the headlines. It is produced by the NHS to give a quick and balanced view on the latest health headlines. Click here or copy in the link below: