Phone issues

BT have confirmed that an error at their end meant that the transition to the new cloud system – planned for tomorrow – was started yesterday. They have now corrected this issue but they cannot fix the ad-hoc issues with calls not getting through. It appears to particularly affect BT mobiles and BT digital lines … Continued

Phone line issues

Some patients have reported difficulties getting through to us today. We have checked the lines and they are working most of the time. It is hard to identify the cause for the odd issues. We have reported the problem but we also move phone providers on Saturday, due to frequent faults, and so please bear … Continued

Alternatives to opioids for chronic pain – a patients story

A new film from NHS England aims to highlight the dangers of over-prescribing of opioids for chronic pain and shows how a patient, Sean Jennings, from Cornwall changed his life with other treatment. Opioids are often prescribed for patients to deal with long term pain and recent studies have challenged the appropriateness of the levels … Continued

New telephone system – Saturday 29 June!

We are having a new telephone system installed on Saturday. Hopefully all will go smoothly, but please bear with us on Monday (and maybe for a few days), as we get used to the new system and iron out any glitches.

New Data Privacy notice

This is attached, reflecting that we may share relevant clinical information with other practices in the Bridgwater Bay Primary Care Network if you access medical care from them. Privacy Notice for Direct Care – EQMC June 2019

Macmillan Cancer Support coming to Somerset

Macmillan Cancer Support provide face-to-face, free and confidential information about cancer, plus emotional support, and their service is staffed by skilled Macmillan cancer information specialists. Cancer can impact on all aspects of your life, and the mobile service team is available to provide information on issues ranging from how to deal with the side effects … Continued

Webinars for patients on food, nutrition and digestive diseases

Somerset has an award winning free service for patients. It brings excellent videos and information on many aspects of food and nutrition, including topics like coeliac, food allergy or IBS. Soon to be added is one on fussy eaters. You can access them at any time. Sign up at