Merry Christmas

All the Doctors and Staff at the Medical Centre wish you all a happy and healthy Christmas and 2019. We are closed on the bank holidays, and of course it will be busy for the next few weeks, so we appreciate your patience and understanding. Thank you to all those patients who have brought us … Continued

Dr Murray is leaving us on 31 December

In 2016 Dr Murray took on a leadership role in the NHS in Somerset. Initially she represented Bridgwater at the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group but since then her role has developed as her skills and experience have been very valuable. She has now been asked to extend her role even further, including leading on many … Continued

Improving Your Care

Until now, if you require hospital care, the doctors and nurses (clinicians) have not had access to the healthcare information on your GP’s computer system. This may affect the treatment that you receive, as the clinicians treating you will not know any of your medical history such as what medication you are on, or details … Continued

Eating enough calcium?

If your GP has asked you to look at your calcium, here is a handy calculator.

Help this winter for older people – booklets and information on financial help available

There are some great booklets out there to help people keep warm and well over the winter months. The link below is to Winter Wise from Independent Age:   ​Help may be available from the Centre for Sustainable Energy for those struggling to pay their energy bills or living in a cold damp home … Continued

Norovirus – stop it spreading!!!

Norovirus, sometimes known as the ‘winter vomiting bug’, is the most common stomach bug in the UK, affecting people of all ages. It is highly contagious and is transmitted by contact with contaminated surfaces, an infected person, or consumption of contaminated food or water. The symptoms of norovirus are very distinctive – people often report … Continued

When will I feel better?

  Symptoms can last longer than you think:   Ear infection: at least 4 days   Sore throat: 1 week   Cold: 1½ weeks   Flu: 2 weeks   Nasal congestion: 2½ weeks   Cough: up to 3 weeks     Remember antibiotics DO NOT help common winter ailments.   Visit for more information, … Continued

Prescribing of over the counter medicines is changing

Your GP, nurse or pharmacist will not generally give you a prescription for over the counter medicines for a range of minor health concerns. Instead, over the counter medicines are available to buy in a pharmacy or supermarket in your local community. The team of health professionals at your local pharmacy can offer help and … Continued


If your child has any of these symptoms you should take immediate action: • Looks mottled, bluish or pale • Is very lethargic or difficult to wake • Feels abnormally cold to touch • Is breathing very fast • Has a rash that does not fade when you press it • Has a fit or … Continued