We have a personal list system at East Quay. This means that, to ensure you get the best care possible, you see your own GP for all routine problems that need a GP. The NHS has just (2015/2016) made it a requirement that all patients have been allocated a named GP – so we are delighted as we have had this is place for many decades. We believe that it is best for all patients to build up a good relationship with their GP so that you trust each other and so they know your medical history and circumstances. You will know who your registered GP is already – if you have forgotten, please call and ask us. If you are unhappy with your GP, please contact the Practice Manager and we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate this request – we do however reserve the right not to transfer if we feel another GP at the surgery will not be able to provide any different care.

In terms of appointments:
– You can book an appointment with your doctor in the surgery or on the telephone at a set time.
– You will be given the option of an appointment with your doctor, or if necessary, you can see another doctor sooner. Although we do believe waiting for your own GP is best for all routine problems.
– You can still book an appointment with Urgent Nurse clinic

For the benefit of all our patients we ask that you see our nurses for minor problems. Our Urgent Nurse appointments can be booked online if you are registered for our online booking service. Contact reception to register for the online booking service. In a recent audit 89% of patients seen in the Urgent Nurse clinic were managed fully in the clinic and did not need any follow-up. This means the doctors will have appointments available for those who are seriously unwell or who have complex problems. Our receptionist can advise who can help you best.

You usually do NOT need an appointment with your doctor for routine medication reviews or for diabetic, asthma and COPD checks. If you are due a medication review please refer to your “Blue Card” which will let you know who you are due to see for your review. If you do not have a blue card and are on repeat prescriptions, please let reception know.

If you are 75 or over you are welcome to book for a health check. Please call reception and ask for a routine appointment with your own GP.

Appointments for people who can’t come Monday to Friday 8am to 6.30pm
We offer GP appointments from 6.30pm Mondays to Thursdays for patients with routine problems who cannot attend Monday to Friday 8.00am-6.30pm and who need to have a face to face or telephone consultation with their own GP. If you would like one of these appointments please tell the receptionist and she will confirm when the next appointment is available with your own GP.

In terms of care in the wider NHS and how to choose where to go, please use the table below to help you go to the right place so you get the treatment you need and avoid inappropriate demand on healthcare services

A&E or 999 Choking, Chest pain, Blacking out Only use in serious or life threatening emergencies
Minor Injuries/Illness unit Cuts, Strains Non-urgent medical treatment or advice for injuries
GP Ongoing vomiting, Back ache, Long term problems Book a GP appointment when you have an illness or injury that won’t go away
Pharmacist Diarrhoea, Painful Cough, Headache Common health problems that don’t need a doctor or nurse
NHS Direct Unsure? Unwell? Any general questions, symptom checkers and health service information
Self-care Hangover, Sore throat, Cough Best choice for most minor illnesses and injuries