Who are we talking about?

As at 20 March:

 High-risk groups – who should be reducing social contact and ‘social distancing’ but do not yet need to fully isolate Very high-risk groups – who should be in 12 weeks of self-isolation
• Those who are pregnant.

• Those over 70, regardless of any medical conditions.

• Those adults under 70 who qualify for a flu jab, which means:

o Long-term respiratory conditions.

o Chronic heart disease.

o Chronic kidney disease.

o Chronic liver disease.

o Chronic neurological conditions.

o Diabetes.

o After a splenectomy/sickle cell disease.

o Weakened immune system: HIV/AIDS, on ster-oids, having chemo.

o Severe obesity (BMI ≥40).


• Post-transplant.

• Those with cancer having active chemo/radiotherapy.

• Those with haematological cancers (at any stage of treatment).

• Severe chest conditions (CF, asthmatics who require admission/oral steroids).

• Severe diseases such as those needing dialysis.