Together with top allergy specialists, Professor Arshad and Professor Holloway from Southampton Medical School, we have just produced an excellent webinar for patients on:

“The Truth About Allergy Testing”

As so many of our patients get conflicting and down-right incorrect information from the internet, social media and magazines, we thought it was time to put the record straight!

We hope you find it helpful.

It is on our Somerset NHS website:

Where you will also find webinars for patients on:

• The Low FODMAP Diet
• Newly Diagnosed Coeliac Disease
• Coeliac Review
• Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Remission

We additionally have some very useful paediatric webinars made by our specialist paediatric team in conjunction with consultant paediatrician, Jenny Langlands and specialist paediatric dietitian Heidi Seabert:

• Explanation of different types of dairy allergy
• Dairy allergy and infant formulas
• Infant milk/soya challenge to confirm diagnosis
• Weaning on a cow’s milk and/or soya free diet
• Frequently asked questions on cow’s milk and soya free weaning
• Fussy eating in childhood

Please do go to