An update from Asthma UK:
We know that there’s been a lot of confusion about when people with asthma will get the COVID vaccine and what priority group they may fall into. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and urging the government to provide this clarity for some months. We now have an update to share, and you can read this on our website here 👉…/what-should-people-with…
The initial nine vaccine priority groups have been based on who is at greatest risk of death from COVID. Reassuringly evidence now shows that people with well controlled asthma that is not severe don’t seem to be at higher risk of dying from COVID-19. This evidence does affect priority groups and means that some people under 50 with well-controlled asthma will be offered the vaccine after the initial nine groups, because the purpose of the first stage of vaccination is to prevent deaths from COVID.
There is ongoing discussion about who with asthma will be included in priority group six, and our understanding is that those with asthma that is difficult to control might be included. We recognise this is confusing and we’re working to confirm who exactly will be in this group. As it may be hard to accurately identify everyone in this group, we’re calling on the government to err on the side of caution in decision-making, and cast its net wide when making decisions about definitions to make sure anyone who is at risk won’t be missed.
As has been the case from the beginning, people with severe asthma who are classed as ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ have been put in priority group four. You’d be in this group if you’ve been contacted about shielding, and it means you’ll be vaccinated at the same time as everyone aged 70 to 74.
We understand this is a worrying time, but we’re continuing to work closely with the government to make sure everyone with asthma is supported and is vaccinated at the right time. We also want to reassure people that the government is planning to offer the vaccine to all adults by the autumn. In the meantime, we have advice on how to stay well in the coronavirus section of our website.
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