Your diabetic check is in two parts and it is essential that you attend for both appointments.

First you have an appointment with the Health Care Assistant to check your urine, weight and take some blood. From now on the HCA will also check your feet in this appointment. We call this your ‘Diabetic Appointment A’. Please bring a urine sample with you to this appointment.

Once the results from the Part A check are back, we will review your results and contact you to let you know what you need. Whilst most patients still need to see the Diabetes Nurse annually, we have recently changed our system so that patients whose diabetes is under good control can just have a phone call with the Diabetic Nurse, to save coming in. This means we can then offer those with a number of difficulties with their diabetes a double appointment with the Diabetic Nurse.

So, we will be in contact in the month after your Part A appointment to let you know what you need and we can then book that for you. This is your ‘Diabetic Appointment B’. You now don’t need to book this appointment until we have called you with the results of your part A appointment.