Somerset is currently running a pilot which looks at changing the opening hours of some surgeries.

We have decided to participate in this pilot, along with our colleagues in all other local practices. This has not been an easy decision and we have discussed this with our patient group.

From 1 June 2017 to 31 March 2018 we will be moving some of our GP, Nurse and HCA appointments so that appointments are available on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and on one in four Saturday mornings.

Reception will be offering these appointments in the usual way and we ask that you use them in the usual way – for example seeing your own GP for routine appointments. This provides the best care possible as your GP knows you, your life and your medical history the best.

For now, due to information and governance issues, we will be offering these appointments to our own patients only. In due course this may change and patients registered with local practices may be able to visit other practices for appointments. There are challenges with this as we think your continuity of care is important and where possible it is best if you see your own GP and practice. So, as we develop this service we will be looking to protect the quality of care you receive.