We strongly urge patients at risk from seasonal flu to arrange a seasonal ‘flu vaccination to avoid a seasonal  flu epidemic this winter. A simple flu vaccine could avoid seasonal flu or at least lessen its severity to a mild illness.

Annual ‘flu vaccinations are the best protection against ‘flu for people with underlying health problems that put them at risk of complications from ‘flu, and for all those aged 65 and over or in long stay residential care. This year all children age 2 to 4 are also invited to have a new nasal flu vaccination (those school age up to age 8 will be offered the vaccine in school). Increasing the uptake of ‘flu vaccinations among the high-risk groups as well as those who are more likely to spread virus should also contribute to easing winter pressure on primary care services and hospital admissions.

East Quay Medical Centre are offering seasonal flu vaccinations by appointment. If you are 65 or over, are pregnant, or have heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease or have immune problems (including being on cancer treatment),  you are eligible – please call to book your appointment now. If you are an informal carer you are also eligible – so please call.