The DadPad is an easy-to-use resource for new dads and dads-to-be, packed with relevant information. Its aim is to provide new fathers with guidance on how to develop the mindset, confidence and practical skills needed to meet their babies’ physical and emotional needs.

Building a strong attachment will not only enable dads to better enjoy their new role but also contribute towards positive long-term social, health and educational outcomes for their babies. Crucially, the DadPad also provides dads with guidance on how to support, and seek help for, their partners and themselves as they adjust to their new roles, and cope with the physical and emotional strains that this can place on individuals and relationships.

The DadPad covers topics such as:
•Feeding, holding, changing and cleaning your baby
•Surviving without sleep and coping with crying
•Getting to know your baby
•First aid
•Looking after yourself and supporting your partner

The Somerset DadPad app is available for free download on both Apple and Android devices. For more information about the DadPad visit