Take a look at MotivateT2D Project – Supported exercise programme
A team from the University of Exeter and Liverpool John Moores University are currently recruiting for a research trial offering a 6-month supported exercise program for patients who are newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.
The exercise program will be led by evidence-based exercise prescription and co-designed by the patient. Throughout the exercise intervention the patient will have 5 exercise consultation meetings (1-on1 with exercise specialist). These meeting are all remote and will be conducted via Zoom. During the meeting, programme planning, motivational interviewing and behaviour change techniques will be carried out. Patients will also complete a health check in their own home, immediately following the intervention (6-months) and 6-months after the intervention (12-months).
Who can take part?
• Clinical Diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes within the previous 5–24 months
• Male or Female
• Aged 40-75
• Treating diabetes with only Metformin or lifestyle modifications (diet and exercise)
• For those prescribed Metformin: Stable dose for 3-months or more
If you would like to find out more about the research study please visit our website https://www.motivatet2d.com/about