Regular activity is proven to protect your health in many ways. It can reduce your risk of major illnesses, and it is especially important for people with chronic pain becauseā€¦.

1. It keeps your joints moving well. If your joints are stiff or sore, gentle movement can give relief and restore the proper use of your joints.

2. It helps to keep your muscles strong. Strong muscles support your body and bones better, when you are stronger, you move and support your weight better, so you become less prone to injury. Staying strong makes you better able to deal with the physical demands of daily life, things like getting out of a chair or climbing the stairs get easier.

3. Staying active is good for your mental health. People with chronic pain can struggle with low mood or anxiety because it’s difficult for them to live their life as they once did. Staying active can help boost self-esteem and make you feel like you’re doing something to fight your pain and its effect on your life. Group activity is also a great opportunity to meet people and have fun.

4. Regular movement supports your natural pain-relief systems. Your body begins to respond better to painkilling signals when you are active regularly. You also are more likely to get a feel-good boost after an activity when it is part of your body’s routine.

Below is a link with speicially selected options for people who live with Chronic Pain. Please take a look and see which you would like to explore.

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