In 2016 Dr Murray took on a leadership role in the NHS in Somerset. Initially she represented Bridgwater at the Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group but since then her role has developed as her skills and experience have been very valuable. She has now been asked to extend her role even further, including leading on many specific clinical areas as well as in the overall NHS commissioning at a Somerset level. Dr Murray has made a real difference to ensure the needs of patients are central and the NHS resources are used effectively.

To dedicate the time the role needs now it is expanding again she needs to leave our practice. From 31 December 2018 Dr Murray will be leaving us. We are very sad about this but fully understand that to do the Leadership role she needs to dedicate more time to it and it isn’t fair on her, or her patients, to try to manage two very important and consuming roles. She will continue some work with patients but this will be in a role that is more manageable with her Leadership role.

We are delighted that Dr Nick Jestico, who has been at the surgery for over two years now is increasing his time with us and will be with us full time from 1 January 2019. Many of our patients will have already seen Dr Jestico as he has been working with Dr Murray for the last couple of years in a ‘job-share’ role.

We will transfer all patients from Dr Murray to Dr Jestico. Dr Murray, and all of the GPs, believe that all the patients will be happy with Dr Jestico, who has their utmost respect and confidence.