Before your consultation it is often helpful to think about what you want to tell the Doctor or Nurse. This should mean that when you are speaking to them you remember to tell them everything you are worried about or feel is relevant to help the doctor help you.

Before your next appointment, think about the following:
– What are you really worried about?
– What symptoms do you want to tell the doctor about?
– Are you clear what you want from your Doctor? Perhaps a diagnosis, treatment, referral or just advice.
– Do you have any beliefs or concerns? For example, are you worried that your symptom may be cancer?
– Do you have any expectations? Do you think the Doctor should prescribe you medication? Or refer you for a specialist opinion?
Be honest with the doctor. It is important to tell the doctor the main reason you are there at the start of the consultation. If you are embarrassed, don’t be, the doctor is there to help and won’t be shocked.