From January there are road works near East Quay Medical Centre that will affect how you travel to and from the surgery. This is likely to be until late summer 2017

During the road works there are number of things you can do to help:

  • If you do not need to be examined, a telephone consultation may be appropriate. Reception can help you decide whether you need a face to face or telephone appointment.
  • Please allow more time to get to the surgery for your appointment in case of traffic queues.
  • Please avoid requesting home visits if you can get into the surgery as visits will take longer than usual for the GPs due to the traffic and this then reduces the appointments they can offer in the surgery, leading to longer waiting times.
  • Please use online repeat prescription ordering and the electronic prescription service to avoid having to come into the surgery a number of times to order your prescription, collect it and then take it to the pharmacy. If you haven’t yet been set up for this, please ask reception to do this for you.

The transport planners tell us that the traffic in the town will flow well. So whilst there will be a longer route for some, it should avoid getting stuck in traffic jams. We are working very closely with the Hinkley C team and the Workmen to ensure that any problems are identified and resolved quickly.

 If you need to get to the surgery:

You can still access the medical centre from both directions along East Quay:

  • You can come up East Quay from the town centre
  • You can turn right from the NDR/Homberg Way
  • You can turn left from The Drove BUT you cannot come down Wylds Road as this is a one way system.

So, if you come from Junction 23/Puriton/Pawlett, please come down Bristol Road, turn right into the Drove and then left into East Quay.

To get OUT of the surgery:

    • You have to turn left to go up to the town centre. From there:
      • To get to the west of town (Durleigh/Wembdon/Cannington etc) go through the town instead (either along The Clink up to Penel Orlieu or the docks) or over the town bridge
      • To get north (Pawlett/Puriton/J23) you need to turn left at the East Quay/Clink traffic lights, go past Sainsbury’s, turn left at the Cross Rifles/Canon Roundabout. Then turn left into The Drove, then turn right by Riders onto Wylds Road, then turn left onto Bristol Road.
  • You can NOT turn right out of Symonds Way. This means you can NOT get to the NDR/Homberg Way or Wylds Road or The Drove directly from East Quay Medical Centre.



Bus services should continue run to East Quay Medical Centre.

Click here for the map