The Health and Wellbeing Coach team will be piloting a new 6 week group course for patients living with persistent pain.

Based on the 10 Footsteps approach, created by the Live Well With Pain team (a group of clinicians and experts by experience). Our Health Coaches have used the 10 Footsteps tools with their 1:1 patients for some time now and have found them to be a very effective way to communicate and implement pain management strategies. The 10 footsteps include elements such as understanding pain, pacing, sleep, nutrition, managing mood and of course, getting active.

This course is ideal for those newly diagnosed, as it helps you understand the mechanisms behind your pain, and put strategies in place to preserve function and quality of life. It would also be a good alternative for those who do not meet referral criteria for Pain Services.

Sign up online at the link below. There are limited places on this pilot course but if successful it will be repeated.