Our phone lines have been really busy this week.
Some useful stats…
On average we take 450 calls a day. This can be as low as 300 or as high as 650. We generally do know when our busier times are and so staff levels are planned according to this. Of course there are always unexpected peaks or unforeseen staff absence which can make it harder.
Calls generally last for 2-3 minutes each.
Waiting times to be answered are 17 minutes on average but vary from 3 minutes to 32minutes. We know it is frustrating staying on the line so you can opt for a call back. This keeps your position in the queue but means you don’t have to stay on the line. To choose this press 2, wait for the confirmation message and press *. If you are not offered this option it is either because it is near the end of the day or because call volumes are very high. The system will call you back – if it goes to answerphone, it will cancel the call-back as it thinks it has got through.
We are working hard to reduce the waiting time for calls. You can help by signing up for online prescription ordering and online test results. E-mail in to somccg.administration-eastquaymc@nhs.net to request this.
Avoiding early mornings (before ten) – and Monday’s generally (our busy day) if your request is routine, will mean your call gets answered more quickly.