This means that even after 19 July, you MUST:

  • Wear a surgical face mask
  • Sanitise your hands
  • Stay 2 metres away from others (unless you are being examined)
  • Wait in your car/outside until your appointment time.

We MUST avoid a busy waiting room as this is where covid will spread.

Understanding and following these rules is really important:

  • We have patients who cannot be vaccinated and have low immunity. We need to protect them.
  • We must avoid lots of staff needing to isolate due to covid security breaches. If lots of staff need to isolate this will mean longer waits for phones to be answered and longer waits for appointments.

So please help us to keep EVERYONE safe

DO NOT ENTER if you or anyone you have had close contact with in the last 2 days) has tested positive for covid or have covid symptoms. The covid symptoms are any temperature, cough, loss of taste or smell – and also extreme fatigue, bad headache, sore throat and so on. If you are unwell and need to be seen, call 01278 444 666 and we will arrange this in our isolation room. If your problem can wait, please rebook when your isolation period ends.

Remember the lateral flow tests are NOT accurate for patients with symptoms. Patients with symptoms MUST have a PCR test. It is only when you get a negative result or ten days is up that your isolation ends.