Until now, if you require hospital care, the doctors and nurses (clinicians) have not had access to the healthcare information on your GP’s computer system.

This may affect the treatment that you receive, as the clinicians treating you will not know any of your medical history such as what medication you are on, or details of tests you may have had.

The good news is that clinicians are starting to use a system that will allow them to treat you in a hospital situation and have access to your GP records. This will help clinicians to give you safe, timely and effective treatment.

Only clinicians will be authorised to access your record. Every time you visit this organisation, the Clinician will let you know if they need to access and read your GP Practice medical record.

You have the right to prevent access by objecting, but this could affect the quality of advice and treatment that the clinician can give to you.

Should you wish to permanently block access to your GP Practice medical record for ALL clinicians in Somerset, please write to the Practice Manager. Please bear in mind that this may affect their ability to provide effective direct care.