The news last night featured announcements on a new Covid Toolkit, being run centrally, to assess each patient’s risk should they get covid.
It is based on things like age, ethnicity, deprivation, weight (BMI) as well as your medical history.
The top 2% will be added to the at-risk group.
If you are in this group, you will get a letter. This will explain everything.
GP Practices should be sent the names of those added, so we know too. These will then be included in group six for the covid vaccination.
We are already working on group six. Group five (65-69 year olds) should book at the mass centre as advised across the nation.
Group six already has a lot of patients – at East Quay alone we had 1800 before this increase. We are working our way through, quickly and methodically, and we will get to everyone.
We know everyone is keen to have the vaccine as soon as possible. The national target is to get everyone in group 5-6 vaccinated by mid to end of March. So please anticipate this kind of time frame. We are working very hard to achieve this. Please be assured we will get to you. We will call you when it is your turn. Please avoid calling us to ask, as it takes our time away from booking the appointments.
If you are in group five and can get to the mass centre, please do. Call 119 to book or go online. This means we can focus on group six, especially those at the highest risk, as the government has outlined today.
Please also understand that we heard this latest announcement as it was announced on the national news, and don’t yet have more information. We hope to have soon.
The pandemic has created lots of constant change for us all – as evidence and policy changes. Please know we are working hard and doing our best to keep you all safe.