Our new phone system is in and now working well (after the hiccup with fibre broadband across much of Bridgwater on Monday).

In the old system if you were the sixth (or more) caller, you got an engaged tone. In the new system you wont get an engaged tone but instead you are told what position you are in the queue. You can either wait on the line OR press 2 for a call back. Call back will maintain your place in the queue (when you are position one, the phone system automatically calls you back). It is important you answer the call as if engaged or unanswered, it wont try again.

Please also note we close the prescription line at 5.30 and main line at 6.30, and so if you don’t get a call back by then, it means our teams have been on calls the whole time. You will need to try again when the lines reopen. If you need more urgent medical attention, call 111 at that time.