General Practice Data for Planning and Research (GPDfPR) – Opting out
The way in which data from your medical record is shared is about to change.
What is GPDfPR?
On 1st SEPTEMBER (just changed!)2021, NHS Digital will collect patient data from your GP medical record for use in planning and research. This is called “General Practice Data Collection for Planning and Research” (GPDfPR). Shared data helps the NHS; for example, it has been used to find the first treatment for coronavirus and for vaccine research.
If you do not want your GP to share your identifiable patient data for purposes except for your own care, you can opt-out by registering a Type 1 Opt-out with us. This prevents your data being shared with anyone outside of the practice for purposes other than your own care.
To opt out of GP patient data collection you must complete this form and return it to us by 23 AUGUST 2021.
Do you have to share my patient data?
Yes. GPDfPR is a legal requirement for practices. Completing the form above is the only way to prevent it from being collected.
What is the National Data Opt-Out?
Signing up to the National Data Opt-Out prevents clearly identifiable medical information about you from any source (GP, hospital, social care, etc.) being shared. It does not prevent it from being collected from your GP practice.
To sign up to the National Data Opt-Out go –
How do I opt out for my child?
You can register a National Data Opt-Out for any child under 13 years of age. A child is able to set their own opt-out from age 13, which aligns with the minimum age at which children can give their consent to participate in digital services as set out in data protection legislation. To do this use the same National Data Opt-Out link.