There is also a national vaccination programme for pneumonia and shingles.

The pneumonia vaccine is offered to patients who are 65 or over or in an at-risk group – these groups are similar to those eligible for the flu vaccine. The pneumonia vaccine is given once, not annually. So, if you have just turned 65, or have been diagnosed with heart disease, diabetes, lung disease, kidney disease or liver disease you should have the pneumonia vaccine.


The shingle vaccination programme is being rolled out. This year patients aged 70-73 or 78-79 on 1 September 2016 are eligible. Again this is a single vaccine (not annual). If you are eligible, we will have written to you in August. We can give you this vaccine when you come for your flu vaccine.


So, if you are eligible, please call for an appointment on 01278 444 666 (after ten am weekdays please).