The NHS is now so busy it is hard for all of the services to keep up with demand. Waiting times for all services have gone up and we need your help.

So that we can be there when you need us urgently, we need you to manage your healthcare so that where at all possible, you plan your care routinely, rather than delay things and then need our help urgently. This includes prescriptions. At the moment there are a number of medication shortages and also a shortage of pharmacists nationally and this means our pharmacies often need more time to get the medications ready for you.

We ask that, for your safety and your convenience, that you allow 5-7 working days between ordering your medication and collecting it. If you do this, when you come to collect your items, they will be ready for you and it means just a 5 minute pop into the pharmacy. If you come early for your prescription, it won’t be ready and this will mean a 30 minute wait.

So please, plan ahead, allow 5-7 working days between ordering and collection and you will be helping your GP AND your pharmacy and save yourself time and hassle too!