For many years Rowlands has maintained its free prescription delivery service. However, the financial pressures in the NHS have made this service challenging to deliver and many pharmacies have had to withdraw the service completely or charge for the service.

Rowlands now too have to restrict the service to patients who are fully housebound. By restricting this service to these vulnerable patients, it means that the service can continue for those most at need.

Therefore if you able to leave the house, or have friends or family who can collect your prescriptions for you, you will no longer be eligible for the free delivery service at Rowlands.

This has not been an easy decision but, as with many things in the NHS at the moment, the funding exceeds demand for the service and as responsible members of society we all need to be very careful about the demands we make on the NHS. By using all of the services responsibly it protects the core services for us all when we really need it.