Covid vacciantion scams – we have heard of yet more. And they are getting ever more convincing.
Please rely on letter invites for the mass centres, or phone calls from us. At the moment we are not texting or e-mailing. If you get one of these, check the ‘other details’ on the phone number or sender e-mail address. Often they use clever ‘masks’ so it looks like a genuine address.
We DON’T ever ask for your details, especially not bank details or ask you to confirm any personal details. We have the information we need to check you are in the current eligible cohort already.
Remember scams often rely on a sense of urgency. Whilst our clinics are often short notice, we will keep you on the list if you can’t attend. You will not be removed from future calls if you don’t answer or can’t attend.
Please share with your loved ones and anyone you know who is vulnerable. We know the covid vaccination is in high demand and so it is easy to fall for these terrible scams.