The doctors’ surgeries in Bridgwater and the surrounding area are working with the NHS to try to reduce the waste of medicines. We would like to ask you for your help too as we believe that everyone can make a difference. Every pound spent on medicines which are not taken, is a pound less which is available to provide NHS treatment for you, your family and friends.

You can help us:
– Only order the medications you need. Sometimes when people order their medications they ask ‘for everything’. Often patients don’t need every item but ask for everything because they are on a lot of medication, have difficulty reading the name or so on. We know that the names of drugs can be hard to say so if you have difficulty you are not alone. Reception understand and will help identify the drug you need and will not rush you. You can also order online or by returning the right hand side of your prescription – just tick the items you need.
– Please don’t stockpile your medications. If you currently have a stock, please use these up before ordering.
– If you have stopped taking a drug, please let your doctor know. Doctors don’t mind if you decide, for whatever reason, you don’t want to take a medicine; they would far rather know and not issue unwanted medication, than end up with it wasted. It also means that they can ensure they tailor your care and the advice they give you.
– If you are not sure if you are taking your medicines correctly – for example if you don’t know how many you should be taking, or when in the day, please ask your Pharmacist or Doctor.

Hopefully by working together, we can start to reduce wasted medication locally and help ensure that more NHS money is spent to improve healthcare in Bridgwater and the surrounding area.